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Dr. Bao, DMD, is a pediatric dentist in Murrieta, CA. He has been serving families locally in the Temecula Valley for 10 years. This dentist offers specialized dentistry for children and adolescents. Our office has a warm kid-friendly atmosphere. We treat each child like they were our own child. Promenade Dental Care provides pediatric dental care for kids of all ages. We offer treatment for children with special health care needs. We have a brand new state-of-the-art dental office. Our services include preventative care, infant dental care, emergency care, and restorative care. For children with bad experiences, we offer Nitrous Oxide and sedation. Dr. Bao has a love for making sure each child is treated pain-free. We use state-of-the-art dental techniques. We are committed to helping your child maintain a healthy smile. This is important so they can enjoy it for their lifetime.

Tooth Extraction - Teeth ExtractionMost People Start Their Child Late at the Dentist

Most families don’t have their children see the dentist until they are well over 2 years old. The American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommend a first oral checkup when baby teeth emerge. A visit when your child is a baby is essential to check for gum or tooth decay signs. It is also necessary that your child’s teeth are erupting correctly. You can expect your baby’s teeth to begin emerging at six months.

The most common childhood disease is tooth decay. This issue is preventable. When kids come to a first appointment at three or four years old, they often have many cavities and tooth decay. You should start your child young. Early positive experiences help a child feel positive about dental visits.

What if My Child is Scared Before Their First Visit?

Dr. Bao will take care that your child has fun during their visit to our office. What if your child is scared about their first dentist visit? For these patients, we suggest that the parents bring the child for a tour. Take that time to introduce your kid to our staff, take a look around the office, and get comfortable. Call to set up a tour if you think this might help your young one feel more at ease.

What Happens During A Baby’s Visit:

  • Dr. Bao will look at and clean your child’s teeth.
  • We will show the parents how to brush a child’s smallmouth.
  • We will talk about nutrition and the importance of fluoride.
  • We will suggest the best oral products for a child.

Promenade Temecula Pediatric Dentist is a 5-Star Kids Dentist.