Murrieta Dental Exam - Murrieta Digital Xrays

Murrieta Dentist offers $19 Murrieta Oral Exam & Murrieta Digital XRays

We have VERY AFFORDABLE $19 Oral Exams and Dental X-Rays. The following information will help you plan your visit.

Dental exams are a systematic process. Your dentist in Murrieta, CA, will inspect your oral health. Dr. Bao will talk to you about all his concerns. We will discuss and get your sign-off for a customized treatment plan. We will restore and maintain your oral health.

When you visit our office, you can expect the following services.

Dental X-Rays to Identify Oral Damage

After completing your personal health record, we will examine your oral health. We start by looking at your teeth for your Murrieta Dental Exam.

  • Dr. Bao examines each service of every tooth. He examines the quality of existing fillings and looks for new cavities. We might replace fillings for cosmetic reasons or because they have broken down. Most of our clients have us remove older silver amalgam fillings. We replace them with more natural-looking composite fillings.
  • Dr. Bao will look for calculus deposits.
  • For most clients, Dr. Bao will get dental X-rays. Dr. Bao prefers full-mouth X-rays. He can then check for issues that might not be visible. We offer Murrieta Digital Xrays as a service to our clients.
  • We look at your gums to make sure they are healthy and are adhering to your teeth. It is essential to identify gum problems early. These might include periodontal disease and bone loss. Dr. Bao will measure the strength of your bone structure.
  • Dr. Bao uses ultrasonic scalers for teeth cleaning. Most other dentists use scraping tools called scalers. These tools can damage your enamel. We clean your teeth below the gum lines.
  • Dr. Bao will polish your teeth.
  • Fluoride treatment is the last step.

Time for Oral Education

After the exam, Dr. Bao will talk to you about any issue he finds. Dr. Bao will discuss a treatment plan and a timeline for the work to be completed.

  • We recommend that you visit our office at least every six months to have your teeth cleaned. When your teeth need extra care, Dr. Bao may recommend more frequent cleaning.
  • It is essential to brush and floss your teeth after meals and snacks. Brushing too hard often causes gum recession and enamel loss. Floss to remove food stuck between your teeth that may cause bacteria.
  • Dr. Bao offers advice based on the exam. Smokers will have higher risks for disease. Periodontal disease causes tooth loss. Nail biters are liable to have an injury to tooth enamel. Teeth grinders should get a mouth guard to protect their teeth. Dr. Bao offers treatment programs for youth, seniors, and babies.

Regular appointments at our dentist’s office are necessary for oral health. Dr. Bao’s extensive training gives him the skills to offer no pain treatment. He is also very affordable. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental exams keep you from costly dental surgery.

Electric Toothbrushes Help Oral Health

Electric toothbrushes are available in three styles, including power, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrushes. They are different from manual toothbrushes according to features and technology applied. We recommend that everyone uses an electric toothbrush.

Murrieta Dentist in Temecula CA Offers $19 Murrieta Oral Exams & Murrieta Dental X-Rays

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